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Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Environment Canada/Canadian Wildlife Services
University of British Columbia
University of Victoria
Université Laval
University of Washington
Oregon State University
University of Arizona
University of California - Berkeley
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
California State University - San Marcos
University of Maryland
Fisheries and Oceans Canada:
Marie Robert Program Coordinator, Physical Oceanography
Dr. Tetjana Ross Physical Oceanography, ARGO
Dr. Jim Christian Biogeochemistry
Moira Galbraith Zooplankton
Dr. Charles Hannah Physical Oceanography
Dr. Sophia Johannessen pCO2
Dr. Lisa Miller Dissolved Inorganic Carbon, Alkalinity, pH
Dr. Angelica Peña Phytoplankton, HPLC
Dr. Andrew Ross Trace metal biogeochemistry
Kyle Simpson Trace metals, carbonate chemistry
Dr. John Smith Cesium
Dr. Nadja Steiner DMS, DMSP
Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada
Ken Morgan Marine birds and mammals observation
University of British Columbia:
Dr. Roger François Marine Geochemistry
Dr. Steven Hallam Microbiology & Immunology
Dr. Maite Maldonado Phytoplankton-Trace Metal-Physiology
Dr. Kristin Orians Chemical Oceanography-Trace Metal
Dr. Philippe Tortell Biological Oceanography-Marine Biogeochemistry-Microbial Ecology and Evolution
University of Victoria:
Dr. Jay Cullen Trace Metal
Dr. John Dower Zooplankton Ecology
Dr. Roberta Hamme Gases cycles
Dr. Jody Klymak Ocean flows - Waves - Turbulence - Fronts - Eddies
Dr. Diana Varela Marine Primary Productivity - Cycling of Nutrients
Université Laval
Dr. Maurice Levasseur Plankton/Climate interactions - Asian dusts - DMS
University of Washington
Dr. Ginger Armbrust Phytoplankton - Bacterial/Phytoplankton interactions
Dr. Steve Emerson Marine Chemistry - Environmental Geochemistry
Dr. Charlie Eriksen Seagliders
Dr. Jim Thomson Waverider mooring
Dr. Meghan Cronin Surface mooring, air-sea interaction
Oregon State University
Dr. Ricardo Letellier Phytoplankton ecology
Dr.Toby Westberry Phytoplankton ecology
University of Arizona - Tucson
Dr. Matthew Sullivan Metagenomics
University of California - Berkeley
Dr. Jim Bishop Carbon Explorer program
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Dr. Adrian Marchetti Phytoplankton molecular physiology in relation to iron
California State University - San Marcos
Dr. Victoria Fabry The role of marine organisms in geochemical cycles
University of Maryland - Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Dr. Johan Schijf Aqueous biogeochemistry of trace metals

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